Opt for our new Suspended product T | Karra:

It is with great pleasure that INF Concept officially launches the new T | Karra suspended ceiling tile! We have the honor to offer you a unique high-end product at a more than competitive price.








The INF Concept’s T|Karra suspended ceiling is the perfect alternative to your existing suspended ceiling, which is possibly stained, damaged or has collapsed. Our stylish suspended ceiling is the ideal solution to change the appearance of your home or business. Made from aluminum composite panels, you will benefit from several advantages, both technical and aesthetic. Although the reflective properties remain, the microperforated TKarra tiles offer surprisingly strong acoustic benefits. Indeed, the installation of a ceiling comprised of a mix of 25% microperferated Tkarra tiles will absorb the reverberations of a room by letting them pass through the lacquer finish to be captured in the superior membrane or in the depths of the ceiling void. The models can vary according to their application and can be comprised of perforations that are approximately 1-3mm apart.

Technical advantages

  • Ultra-thin, 3mm (1/8 “) and rigid panel made of lightweight aluminum composite;
  • UL and ISO 9001 certified;
  • Non-combustible product available with 0 FSI / 0 SDI;
  • LED inserts in the tiles are available;
  • Durable and versatile;
  • Simple and fast installation;
  • Available in different standard sizes: 2X2, 2X4 and 4X4;
  • Simple and fast to install without creating a congested construction site;
  • Possibility of accessory insertion in the tiles: light fixtures, recessed lights, sprinklers… ;
  • Does not stain after water damage;
  • 5-year warranty.

The aesthetic advantages

  • Improve the style and prestige of your decor by enhancing its aesthetics;
  • Create an effect of height for an unmatchable atmosphere.
  • More than 20 color choices;
  • Different finish options: Lacquered, Mat, Metallic, Printed, Faux finish (wood, etc.);
  • Possibility of printing on tiles;
  • Custom designs and patterns;
  • Custom Colors;
  • Reversible tile.


Create both a comfortable and practical lighting atmosphere with our various custom LED lighting options. A unique and af fordable solution to integrate LED lighting into our suspended ceiling tiles.



The T|Karra tiles’ composition allows us to create different custom designs. Whether it is company logos, etchings or prints, the possibilities are endless.