Opt for INF Concept and you will have an unrivaled experience thanks to our:

Exceptional service in stretch ceiling installation: Our installation team will ensure fast and meticulous installation while maintaining the cleanliness of the premises. Choose the INF Concept experts to keep your residential and commercial projects worry free. Our support service throughout the project: Whether it is for taking measurements, customer service, product installation and after sales service, we are there for you!


The INF stretched ceiling surpasses any other traditional technique used, whether it is for a polished looked, color rendering or the integration of accessories such as light fixtures, ventilation vents, sprinklers, etc. With a practically unlimited quantity of design combinations, our concept offers a wide range of possibilities.

Treat yourself to the brand new INF Concept ceiling collection, "the best quality in the world", at the most affordable price.

  • Certified and economic performance;
  • Choose from over 100 colors and 7 textures;
  • Exceptional lightweight, quality PVC;
  • Infinite selection of prints, profiles and textures at an unbeatable price;
  • Durability and environmental protection with zero carbon emissions;
  • Ideal and economical to cover concrete or stucco surfaces;
  • Vapor barrier property (ideal for bathrooms and indoor pools);
  • Increased prevention against water damage;
  • Possibility to modify or add any accessory after the installation of the stretch ceiling;
  • 10-year warranty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Spectacular finish perfectly stylized and sculpted;
  • Enlargement effect;
  • Very short installation and delivery time;
  • No need to store furniture;
  • Acoustic and thermal comfort;
  • Multitude of customized printing possibilities;
  • Possibility of 3D printing;
  • Anti-allergenic product;
  • Backlit ceilings with an unlimited quantity of special effects.

INF LED Lighting

A unique and affordable solution to integrate LED lighting to a stretched ceiling. This LED lighting has a width of 30mm which allows for the creation of continuous reflections. Useful for perimeter or in-ceiling lighting, this LED lighting system brings the result of your project at a different level in term of quality and look.


Varying degrees Kelvin are available such as:
2700k (Warm white)
3000k (Warm white)
4000k (Cool white)


*It is possible to use LED RGB modules to give you the option of changing the colors with your remote.

Custom lights and suspensions

With the versatility of the stretched canvas, it can be used as a lighting diffuser or acoustic accessory. The INF Concept team offers you a custom service for each of your projects by manufacturing any size and form of support serving as a suspended acoustic structure or a lighting and printed frame.